Don’t Fall Prey to Shady Locksmith Practices

See if this sounds familiar: you’ve got your hands full unloading groceries from your car, and you shove the car door shut as you hurry to the house—only to realize too late that the keys are still in it. You immediately call up a locksmith in Louisville, KY and believe, understandably, that they’ll get you back into your car and on with your life for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, what you don’t know might be your undoing: not all locksmiths are created equal.

It would make sense that if you call a locksmith, they would quote you an honest price and get the job done. But there are a surprising number of locksmiths that are trying to give you the bait and switch. Here are three things you should know. locksmith service denver CO

A dishonest locksmith will quote you a price that’s too high

Picking a basic lock, such as one that might be installed on the back door of your home, shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and therefore shouldn’t cost you a fortune. A locksmith looking to turn a quick buck may stall and take extra time to make the job look tougher than it is, and then charge you double what the total bill should be. Don’t be afraid to ask around and do some sleuth work. Find out what the average cost is for the service you’re requesting, so you don’t get baited into paying a higher price than you should have to.

A ‘local’ locksmith isn’t always as local as they claim to be

Recent undercover tests have discovered that some locksmiths who use a number with a local area code actually operate out of state. They advertise on the Internet as being local, but callers are frequently routed to an out-of-town call center, which is where other states’ calls are routed, too. Some companies quoted a lower price than the one that was charged when they showed up for the work. Others evaded requests for a concrete address. It pays to do your homework and find a company that is truly local!

Some locksmiths don’t follow common safety practices

Imagine coming home to find your back door unlocked and your house ransacked. Your flat screen TV is gone; your computers are missing, too, and someone found your secret cash stash in the kitchen junk drawer. How did this happen? It’s possible you forgot to lock the door—but it’s also possible that a disreputable locksmith in Louisville, KY responded to a house call where someone who wasn’t you asked to be let ‘back’ into your house. A reputable locksmith company will ask for proper identification and proof that you live at that address before they’ll pick the lock to let you back inside.

When it’s time to find a locksmith in Louisville, KY, make sure you go with an honest, local, and safety-conscious company, so you can get back to your life in no time, without being swindled.

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