Feng Shui In Today’s Style & Design (Part II)

Feng Shui Bliss

You may be wondering whether living a heartfelt belief in a Feng Shui lifestyle can really make a difference to positively affect our lives and the lives of those around us.

It can.

Even Donald Trump once raved about Feng Shui on the CNN Network!

In my attempt to understand this ancient philosophy more, I have completed training classes and have done extensive research on Feng Shui.

I have been applying my Feng Shui training & principles to create a more harmonious environment which incorporates my existing design & style and simply addressing life’s invisible as well as visible forces.

By correcting the imbalances through the Feng Shui principles, I have since experienced more peace, calm and tranquillity – all of which I must credit to applying Feng Shui. I have achieved a more fabulous way of living that has quality. And that is bliss, indeed!
You, too can learn and use the ancient principles to transform your homes to attract, enhance and enrich your life.

Here are some broad concepts you can use to achieve a more well-balanced home and office. I have also included tips on what to avoid and how to deflect & dissolve any inauspicious energy lines.

Feng Shui At Home

The Main Door

In Feng Shi terms, the two most critical aspects of the house are the situation of the main door and the positioning of the bed in the bedroom.

For the Chinese, we believe our main door is the ‘mouth’ of the house. Being the forefront of the house, it plays a very important role because it conditions the chi of the house through which it flows through.

Hence, the main door area should be kept simple and free of clutter. It should provide us a smooth and pleasant transition between the outside world and the calmer and more tranquail world within.

To Avoid:
Once the main door is opened, it should not be directly in line with and within view of the back door – this is deemed inauspicious. Bliss Tip: Place a screen to block off the back door so that it will not be visible from the main door.

Do not let the main door open to full view of a toilet or a bedroom door – this is bad Feng Shui. Bliss Tip: To counter this, install a long mirror on the outside of the toilet or bedroom door and always keep the toilet or bedroom door closed.

The main door must not be located below any toilet on the floor above. The main door must not face directly at a staircase; a pillar; the edge of 2 walls or a protruding corner pointing directly at it. It should also not be facing any dilapidated building or two buildings separated by a narrow alley as this signifies broken luck. Bliss Tip: If the house faces such issues, install plants at the sides of the doorway or a hang wind chime at the entryway.

Ideally, the main door when opened, should reveal a serene landscape beyond.

The Hallway

Some homes have hallways aligning straight through with the front and back doors – this is inauspicious due to loss of chi. Bliss tip: Place some furniture and plants in an S-curve formation to deflect and slow the chi down.

The Bedroom

When arranging the bedroom, you need to consider the location to place the bed. For good luck, place the bed in the corner of the room diagonally opposite the door entrance.

Avoid putting the bed directly under a window, under a sloping ceiling or where its foot is pointing directly out of the door or window, positioning it against the bathroom door or where there are water pipes above the head.

Avoid heavy beams above the bed to eliminate the sense of oppressiveness – Bliss Tip: Either install a new ceiling to cover the beams or align the bed such that the beams run alongside the bed.

Try not to put the bed where there is something overhanging it. Do not hang pictures of fierce looking animals, abstract objects or having a water feature in the bedroom. Water is good Feng Shui in the house but not in the bedroom as it suggests financial loss.

Do not also position the bed where you can only get in and out on only one side – if you are unable to get in and out comfortably on both sides, it suggests that inevitably, problems will develop in one’s relationship.

Bliss Tip: For a firm sense of order which is good Feng Shui, install cabinets wherever appropriate to help organisation.

The Living Room

The living room is the most used space of the house being the family space, hence it should be bright, inviting and cheerful with ease of movement.

Paint the walls with bright colours and place the stereo set or TV here to generate noise and activity.

Do not position the main chair where it faces directly at the door otherwise, it is said to give rise to a tense atmosphere or place the main chair with its back to the window – it’s alright for the less important chairs. Bliss Tip: Put the main chair with its back against a solid wall.

Use rounded large scale upholstery pieces to form the seating arrangement. The sofas and armchairs should come with generous back support and comfortable armrests.

The seating arrangement to have a square formation to complete the symbolism of a perfect Feng Shui. L-shaped seating arrangements should be avoided as they are deemed less auspicious.

Depending on the taste, the living room can be styled and designed in either a formal or informal arrangement.

Fire Place

If the living room has a fire place, a southern spot in the living room is the best location for the fire place. Also equally auspicious locations are in the East, SE, SW and NE.

The Dining Room

Create a warm and inviting dining room – decorate it with warm colours, put a large dining table in the centre of the room with a bright hanging chandelier above.

Remember always that whether it is the dining chairs or even the paintings on the wall, have them in even numbers – this is because the Chinese believes that “Happiness always comes in pairs” which is good Feng Shui.

Bear in mind that table shapes also have symbolic meanings – the preference is for the round or square tables being the most auspicious as square means blessings of the earth and the circle, blessings of heaven! What bliss!

Though the octagon, the oval and oblong shaped dining tables are also acceptable, one must avoid the triangular shaped tables as triangles suggest aggression hence, this should not be used if we want to attract happiness into our home.

Bliss Tip: To complete, hang a beautiful mirror on the dining room wall to reflect the good food on the dining table or the happiness of the people around it.

The Kitchen

In Feng Shui for the kitchen, the positioning of the stove, sink and refrigerator is deemed very critical.

If the stove is placed between or opposite the sink and the refrigerator, it can cause unhappiness and discontentment between the husband & wife. Bliss Tip: Place any blue or light green items for example, put a green or blue floor mat between the stove and the other appliances or alternatively, cover the entire kitchen floor with green or light blue flooring.

If the refrigerator, sink and stove are all aligned in a straight row, it is said to give rise to confusion for the people in the house. Bliss Tip: In the similar fashion, put a green or light blue decoration piece on the wall above the stove and sink.


Stairs that run directly toward the main door is a no-no as this will cause the chi to escape through the door signifying loss of money. Bliss Tip: Install a mirror on the wall beside the door or even above the door to reflect the stairs.

Stairs should not be dark, cramp and narrow so as not to block the flow of the chi energy. Bliss tip: Ensure the staircase and landing is well lit to encourage the chi to flow auspiciously upward. Paint light colours at the staircase and install colourful art-pieces. If the staircase is too narrow, install a big mirror to create a sense of space.

Plants & Trees

Having plants and trees around the house is deemed to be auspicious because the wood element signifies growth and development. They are particularly lucky when it’s allowed to thrive in the East, SE and South location of the property.

Water Features

These should be clean and serene. Water features work best in the North hence, mini water-fountains or ponds in the garden bring exceptional good luck when located in the North or even in SE corners. Other acceptable locations are East and SW sites
For main doors, the water feature should be placed on the left side from inside the house looking out to ensure the stability of the married couple living there. Avoid placing a water feature in front of the house on the right hand side as it tends to cause the husband to have a roving eye.

Home Office: Enrich the home career area with water elements.


Keep a tank of fish to lift your career. In Feng Shui www.wofs.com, fish always brings good luck. Keep a tank of lively goldfish in the north corner of your living room and watch your career thrive with positive developments.


Peace should be the prevailing theme in any office environment.
The best place to sit in the office should be sited diagonal to the door. The desk should not face the door directly as the incoming energy will be too powerful. It is good to have a light directly above the door to create auspicious yang energy in the office

Feng Shui is all about the art of arranging space in order to bring positive results and the desired changes in our life – once you understand this, you will be able to apply it effectively in your home or office.

Alternatively, you can also seek help from Feng Shui masters who will be able to pinpoint the negative energy sources and recommend remedies.

I hope these tips, though they are not all encompassing, will guide you in creating a blissful environment that attracts and keep the bliss in your life.

I wish you great fortune and the best of luck in using Feng Shui!


Reference: Various sources but mainly from Feng Shui at Home and Feng Shui of Love.

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I spent a huge part of my life in a corporate real estate world and I major in real estate studies.

These days, I spend my time pursuing my passion in the creative world of design – an area which is very much real-estate related. I hope to touch as many people as possible with my passion with a wish that their lifestyle will be as stylish and as blissful as mine.

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