How to Increase Testosterone With Exercise

In addition to playing an important role in sexuality and reproduction, testosterone is an essential hormone for muscle growth. Hormones that begin to decrease from the age of 30 and continues to decline as the years go by. Hence, it is necessary to consider alternatives through food or exercise to maintain high levels.Under this premise, those who want to keep their testosterone levels high should consider exercises that consider:

  • Compound movements that involve different muscle groups. This can be achieved with multi – joint ejercicico with basic lifting exercises like the deadlift, theĀ  squat , theĀ  press shoulders and press bench. Hence, this work should be included in the routine even if isolation work is preferred legal steroids.
  • Free movements, which help to use stabilizing muscles such as the abdominal or lumbar muscles.
  • Do not train until muscle failure, or at least not always, as leaving room for some repetitions or some extra weight helps maintain and increase testosterone levels.
  • Include interval training or HIIT, combining maximum intensity intervals with short breaks. This releases more testosterone than other workouts with long sessions at medium intensities.
  • Include the power, for its excellent hormonal response.

Another option not to attack testosterone levels is, as many know, avoid long sessions of cardio that help to release cortisol and decrease testosterone production.

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