How to Properly Invest in Gold

The yellow metal has fascinated people for thousands of years. What investors need to know to invest in physical gold.

Goethe also contributed a piece to the fascination of the yellow metal. “After gold pushes, on the gold companies compared, He says in “Faust” Gretchen. For investors today, gold stands for security and stability, but gold coins fascinate collectors even beyond the material value.

The desirability of the yellow metal is a constant constant in the history of humanity: whether in the Bible, the Maya, the Egyptians, the Aztecs or the American settlers: No other metal exerts such a great attraction.

Gold is considered a crisis currency and a safe haven in stormy times. Not only the popularity, but also the scarcity makes the precious metal an investment that has survived many currencies and civilizations. And it is rare: If you melted all the gold available in the world today and made a cube out of it, it would only have an edge length of 21 meters.”Gold will always have value,” says Johannes Horn, Head of Gold and Variety Trading at HypoVereinsbank. A well diversified portfolio also includes the yellow metal. “An admixture of up to ten percent of liquid assets makes sense,” says the expert. Investors can invest in the commodity by bullion or coins, but also by securities that track the gold price, such as gold stocks or gold funds.

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