How to Make a Homemade Strawberry Shake – Easy And Fast Recipe

Prepare a strawberry milkshake natural and homemade is one of the quickest and easiest recipes to do that you have seen Shakeology Ingredients. Come on, he has no science.

But today I’ve gotten up with wisdom and I’m going to give you a few tricks to make you the queen of fruit smoothies. So take a piece of paper and a pen and keep reading.

Homemade Strawberry Shake Recipe

This homemade strawberry smoothie is ideal for kids in the house especially for the snack. Children are not very fond of fruits and vegetables, but surely with this recipe you will conquer them.

I have to tell you that this recipe I have made to my liking, but it depends on how sweet you are, you can add more or less sugar. It’s a matter of trying.

Strawberry milkshake ingredients

  • From 10 to 15 strawberries
  • 100 ml of milk or any vegetable drink (almond or soy milk)
  • 1 natural yogurt (is optional)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey, sugar * or other sweetener (can be more or less, to your taste).

How to make strawberry milkshake

  • First of all wash the strawberries well, remove the green tails and cut them into small pieces. Save some if you want to decorate your smoothie.
  • In a bowl, add the strawberries and mix them with sugar or honey. Leave the bowl for 30 minutes in the fridge, if you want your smoothie to be very cold. If you do not have time, throw ice.
  • Then put milk, yogurt and strawberries in the blender. Beat until a smooth texture remains. Try the shake before serving, so that the sweetness is to your liking.
  • Serve and add if you want a little whipped cream (it is delicious).

Benefits of natural strawberries

In addition to being great, natural strawberries have many benefits. They have very few calories, fiber, are loaded with antioxidants and are rich in vitamin C.

Did you know that one cup of strawberries has only 40 calories? So if you are doing some type of diet to lose weight, do not think that this recipe makes you fat. You only have to substitute some ingredients: substitute sugar for sweetener and milk can also be replaced with coconut water.

Although if you use coconut water you will not need the sweetener, since its flavor is sweet. This natural beverage is the best diuretic that exists. I leave you a video so you can see all its benefits.

Tricks for this homemade smoothie

  • Once you have seen the recipe, how it is prepared and what its benefits are, I will teach you some tricks that I think may be useful.
  • A trick you can use to always have strawberries is to put them in the freezer in airtight bags (extract as much air as possible). You can use this fruit when it is not in season. Also, you will not need to ice your smoothie or put it in the fridge. You’ll take it cool! It is important that you only introduce strawberries of better quality and that you wash and dry them well before freezing them.
  • The kids like ice cream, right? Buy an ice cream mold and use it to freeze your smoothie. You will be giving them a very natural and healthy dessert that they will love.
  • To get the best strawberry milkshake, I recommend that you beat the sugar with the strawberries first and then add the milk, without exceeding 50% of the volume of liquefied strawberry. It does not fail!
  • Add banana or kiwi to your recipe. You will provide more nutrients and it is delicious.
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