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Green juices and smoothies that carry no or little fruit and a lot of green leaf like spinach, kale (kale), lettuce, rucola, carrot or beet leaves, etc. have become fashionable.

It is an easy, healthy and rich way to take all the nutrients, vitamins from these vegetables.

Nuria Roura, holistic health coach and expert in the psychology of food, explains the properties of these leaves rich in chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll has a molecular structure similar to blood hemoglobin Amazing Grass Green Superfood; they only differ in a component, an iron atom in the blood and magnesium in the chlorophyll. Chlorophyll supports hepatic, intestinal, renal and perspiration detoxification, increases the production of red blood cells and oxygenation of the blood, reduces inflammation and strengthens our immune system.

Of all natural foods that exist, green leafy vegetables, and especially those that are darker or bitter taste, are those that best help detoxify the body. Green leafy vegetables are highly alkaline and are responsible for producing as much chlorophyll as possible.

I like to alternate kale and spinach juices with a superfood supplement.

GREEN LEAVES for juices

The kale:

It is rich in vitamin C, which translates into a very antioxidant food, to fight against cellular aging, in calcium, and iron. In fact, it contains more iron than a steak, which is why it is recommended in the vegetarian diet.

It is also rich in fiber and helps the proper functioning of the digestive system.

To be taken in salads, shakes sauteed and in chips (baked without oil). In any case remove the stem / trunk too fibrous.


It is a great source of vitamins, fiber and minerals with very few calories, rich in beta-carotene and lutein which makes this vegetable one with great antioxidant properties. It is very versatile to consume, since it can be eaten raw, sewn or in juices and in any way, as long as we include the stem, we will obtain all its benefits at 100%.

Green superfood

The Super foods are green supplements you can add to your juices. I already commented on a previous post. They are in powders, with mixtures already made.

Chlorella seaweed

Chlorella algae, with its high content of chlorophyll, has depurative properties and regulates intestinal transit, stimulates the immune system and the production of red blood cells, slows infections and helps in the healing processes.


Spirulina is another alga, bluish green, with protein content very similar to that of chlorella. Rich in B vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and enzymes. It has a very strong flavor and great satiating power so it is better to put a small amount at the beginning and in shakes for weight control.

Green shoots

The mixture of sprouts (or sprouts) alfalfa, cebeda and spelled is a supplement rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals present in green germinated, rich in chlorophyll has depurative, detoxifying and remineralizing effect.

Barley germinated is one of the foods that also have a toning effect.

Germinated alfalfa is an alkalizing food and rich in iron.

Spelled is a cereal very rich in proteins and contains 8 essential amino acids

The difference between a juice and a smoothie

The juice is made with a blender and does not carry pulp (fiber), it is all liquid

A smoothie or smoothie is a mixture crushed in a blender and contains all the pulp of the vegetable and fruit; it is thicker and can almost replace a meal. I like to have a green or red milkshake with almond milk after a yoga class or sports session, as a mid-morning meal, so I do not arrive at lunch with much hunger

With or without fruit

The fruit provides a bit sweet flavor but also sugar. Depending on whether you want a more or less sweet juice you can put a piece or two of fruit pear and apple, you can also add a little organic honey or agave syrup.