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5 exercises that increase sexual pleasure

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There are many reasons to exercise and one of them is to improve your sexual pleasure and have a unique and special experience that not only leave your soul satisfied, but also your body thanks to the strength and elasticity that you can achieve when practicing it buy Nugenix direct from manufacturer.

But that’s not all, having training far from giving you an intense sexual pleasure will give you strength in the muscles and the pelvic part, allowing you to increase confidence and release endorphins in bed, which your good mood will be noticed at a distance.

5 exercises that will improve sexual pleasure

The founder of 305 Fitness, Sadie Kurzban , mentions that the strength you will develop in your body, will allow you to generate more powerful orgasms and then we show you the 5 exercises that will improve your sexual pleasure and help you sculpt your arms and reduce fat of the belly .


  1. Full body bridge: allows flexibility of your hip and strengthen your buttocks, essential for most sexual positions.
  2. Two-handed swing with Kettelbell: this full-body exercise activates and strengthens the pelvis, hip, back and arms.
  3. Sumo Deadlift High Pull: prepares you for a prolonged sexual session by increasing your resistance, sculpting your glutes and activating your pelvic area.
  4. Complete wheels: with this exercise you will increase your knowledge in the tingling and sensations in the body; it gives you flexibility, strength and balance.
  5. Plank with traction in the knee: this is a body resistance exercise that activates the upper part of the body, while creating flexibility in the hip for more intense sexual intercourse.