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5 Reasons to Visit Japan – Fusion of Food, Culture and Landscapes that Highlight its Beauty

Japan has the perfect combination of culture, history and modern comfort. And let’s not forget the amazing food it has! This is a country like no other, and while you may have an idea of ​​what it might be like, this beautiful country will definitely surprise you!

Below you will find 5 reasons why you should visit Japan: food, culture, music, beautiful landscapes and history. Keep reading Japanese restaurant.

  1. Food from Japan
    From the north to the south, the country has a wide variety of delicious Japanese dishes by region and they are as delicious as they are photogenic. While sushi is arguably Japan’s most famous dish, there are many food alternatives to choose from.

Normally, Japanese restaurants in this country specialize in a single dish, it is likely that after spending generations perfecting it, they pay close attention to every stage, from sourcing the freshest local ingredients to the eye-catching assembly of the dish.

As for sweets and so on, matcha is very famous. In Japan you can eat anything with matcha flavor: chocolate, cookies, ice cream and even hamburgers!!! Matcha is a green tea made from the best leaves, these are steamed, dried and then turned into powder. It’s super healthy and delicious!

Other foods to try in Japan are Soba Noodles, Yakiniku BBQ, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Yakitori Shabu Shabu and Noodle Soup. The most famous ingredients in Japanese cuisine are soy sauce, white rice, raw fish and much, much more!!!

  1. Music from Japan
    Traditional Japanese festivals are frequently celebrated around shrines and temples, with participants wearing colorful outfits.

Traditional festivals are called “Matsuri”. Each of these parties is equivalent to traveling through time. Men and women wear colorful cotton kimonos, and sometimes the men just wear short coats and fundoshi (the loincloths worn by sumo wrestlers).

These festivals have their roots in Shinto (Japan’s native religion) and Buddhist traditions, but they also serve to renew ancient community ties. Most of the festivals take place in the month of August, however you can enjoy them all year round.

  1. Culture of Japan
    Japanese culture has several unique and interesting aspects, both modern and traditional in: cuisine, architecture, martial and performing arts, fashion, anime, comics, geishas and much more.

Although this culture is steeped in a rich history and deep traditions dating back thousands of years; Like many other cultures, it is in a continuous state of rapid change, and is always evolving with new trends in fashion, technology and more.

  1. Landscapes of Japan
    In Japan, beautiful landscapes are part of the daily lives of its inhabitants. In addition, in almost all its towns and cities there are countless Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

One of the most popular times to visit Japan is during spring. This is due to the incredible pink cherry blossoms that adorn the streets.

Although Japan has large, highly urbanized cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, there is also plenty of nature to explore. In fact, two-thirds of Japan is covered by mountains and forests! You can also find waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains, bamboo forests and more.

Today, there are 23 World Heritage Sites in Japan, with 19 cultural sites and 4 natural sites. Some of the great heritage sites are an unmissable part of the Golden Route, a classic circuit of Japan’s best destinations linked by the bullet train.

Of course, no trip to Japan’s most iconic sites is complete without seeing the incredible Mount Fuji or Fuji-san, as it is reverently known in Japan, and the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto’s most famous temple.

  1. History of Japan
    The best way to learn about the history of Japan while traveling is by visiting its most emblematic sites such as castles, temples, shrines and more. Especially Kyoto, which is a perfect destination if you want to experience ancient Japanese culture.

The culture of this country is really interesting, and has existed for thousands of years. Japan has cities famous for being the birthplace of fierce warriors and towns that acted as training centers for secret merchants, for example, such as the city of the samurai.

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