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I received a call last week asking if I was interested in buying a cottage. The price was reasonable for a cottage / house 4 seasons built in 1996, as well as the size of the land. So I went to visit this cottage on a lake in the Laurentians. But what a surprise on arrival: it looked like there was an emergency evacuation home buyers houston. The front patio was ready to collapse; they had dug underneath and nothing else supported him. And debris lay everywhere. For me, it is inconceivable to sell a property in this state.

How to sell your property faster?

Some sectors have homes that remain on the market for a long period of time. That’s why it is important to prepare your home or apartment building for sale. But if you do the right thing and have a plan, there is a good chance your home will sell faster. Here are some tips I have to offer to sell your property faster:

  1. A competent team

From the start, find a Real Estate Broker , a Home Staging Advisor , and an  Entrepreneur  to guide you through your sales (or resale ) project. In addition to helping you possibly increase the value of your property and make the most of it, they will also be able to do some quality work compared to perhaps an amateur self- build. This can be the difference between a dream or a real estate nightmare.

  1. Tour of the building

Before anything, take a sheet of paper and tour your home. Look for all the things that the buyer might see as an advantage and write them down. When meeting with your broker, let them know about these details. You can decide later which the most important features to highlight are.

Repeat the same tour of the house, and this time try to find all that the potential buyer could raise as a problem. Ask a friend to play this role, and tell him to be very critical. I like to play this role, and I can tell you that I find some small problems that the potential buyer will certainly see. Finally, use the services of experts to remedy these problems.

  1. Stand out

Make your home stand out positively from others in the area. In a sea of ​​homes for sale, you must put yours in the spotlight with an advertisement that will make it different and attractive. Take, for example, photos of the rooms in broad daylight to show how light enter space. And then, explain all the improvements made, the location of choice, the equipment provided, the well maintained landscape, the indoor and outdoor living space that you have created. The idea is to shine the qualities of your property so that it does not go unnoticed.

  1. be realistic with your price

As they say in good Quebec, if your price is too high initially you will “burn” your house, meaning that many will see it, but will not pay attention because of its exorbitant price. “Ghislain, it’s not that bad, we’ll reduce the price later if it does not work!” Oh no! Do you know that the potential buyer will wonder why she did not sell at the asking price? “Is there a problem with this house? If no one wants to buy it, why would I want this house?Your house is then fucked. Moreover, pay attention to some real estate brokers who will make you dangle a price almost impossible to get just to have the sales contract. You should do business with a broker who has done his homework and who gives you the right time, that is to say a realistic selling price.

  1. De-personalize and de-clutter

You must realize that when you sell your house, buyers want to see the house as if it were theirs. It’s really hard to do when you have your personal brand inside the house like family photos and over-the-counter countertops. “But I live here,” you say to me. Yes, that’s right, but you are trying to sell the house. If you unclutter spaces, your rooms will look more spacious. Buyers appreciate being able to see each room without getting lost in your photos, your memories, and other heterogeneous objects. Some items that sellers exhibit in their homes may also offend the buyer, such as a game head hanging on the wall, for example. Faced with this problem, I put everything in Home Staging. When I sell my condos or houses, I always furnish them especially to help the sale and an expert comes to help me with the decoration.