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Discover the Secrets to Design a Modern Integral Kitchen in Small Environments

Functionality and efficiency in the workflow , that’s what modern fitted kitchens offer! This is why they are one of the most used options in small homes such as mini apartments and studio apartments kitchen remodeling Waukesha.

The reason? Small fitted kitchens have all the necessary areas to store, prepare and cook your food. Of course, without neglecting the practicality and aesthetics of this space.

If you are looking for inspiration to embark on an extraordinary remodeling in this environment , in this article we will take a tour of the areas that make up a modern kitchen to give you recommendations with which you can take advantage of every square centimeter.

Types of Modern Integrated Kitchens
There are different distributions that classify modern fitted kitchens. Therefore, before getting into the matter, it is important that you identify which type of kitchen best suits your home. Get to know some of them:

  • Online Cooking. This is the recommended option for narrow rooms, since its minimum measurements are 1.50 meters or more.
  • L-shaped kitchen. Ideal for joining the kitchen with the living room and dining room, this option makes the most of the corners and central space of the room.
  • U-shaped kitchen. They are usually installed in rectangular spaces and offer large storage capacity. By occupying 3 walls, the cooking, washing and storage areas can be located in each of them.

Other types of modern fitted kitchens are parallel (or two-front), G-shaped, peninsula and island kitchens. These offer a larger work area, however, they are not the most recommended for small rooms.

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