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Hiking The Slaughter Creek Trail

The Slaughter Creek Trail is an access trail to the Blood Mountain and this is also known as Slaughter Gap Trail. To access Blood Mountain, this trail passes through the Appalachian Trail from the Lake Winfield Scott Recreation Area. The trail encompasses a total of 5.4 miles to hike where several of its features include picnicking, view of the stream, wet foot crossings, and camping stag do ideas.

This trail has been rerouted in 2002 due to rutting and erosion of some old roadbed sections. Before, the trail was supposed to only take 2.2 miles one way but now it will take 2.7 miles. The trail is marked by blue blazes and the first 0.2 mile of the pathway is shared by Slaughter Creek and the Jarrard Gap Trails. The trail is an uphill climb all throughout but is not as steep at the other nearby trails which provides access to the Blood Mountain.

The elevation on this trail reaches 1000 feet but the gradual ascent makes it as one of the easiest trail to the Appalachian Trail. The trail starts on the left after crossing a bridge over the creek. Proceed along this pathway as in makes an ascent to an old roadbed. The tread way then starts to descent to a cove crossing another bridge over the creek. The path continues to a road bed until it climbs to a split from the Jarrard Gap Trail. The Slaughter Gap Trail continues straight ahead and then makes a quick left turn towards an ascent to the Slaughter Gap where rosebay rhododendron and mountain laurel abound.

Approach another bridge across the creek as it leads you to the tributaries of Slaughter Creek. Moving along the path, you will pass several more bridges for another mile until the crossings will just involve crossing the stream without any bridges. The wet-foot crossings provide a refreshing break as you proceed towards the rest of the trail.

The tread way continues to a cove and some rocky paths. At 2.2 miles, you will pass the remaining stream crossings where the path then makes an uphill climb towards the gap. At this point the Appalachian Trail is found wherein it turns to the right. You may end the trail here by going back to the parking area at the start of this trail. Nonetheless, you may proceed to take the trail towards Blood Mountain for a longer hike. You may also take the Duncan Ridge Trail to the Coosa Backcountry Trail as the gap is the eastern end of the Duncan Ridge Trail.

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