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Tips to choose the right shirt


I have noticed that many men have no idea how to choose a shirt and believe me “da to notice”. More than key and indispensable pieces, the shirts in the men’s wardrobe can bring a lot of personality to those who wear them. The important thing about a shirt is that it looks good on your body boy friend & girl friend t shirt. The clothes with the correct cut makes you see with the most harmonious proportions, “more athletic”.

The following tips will help you choose your shirts better:

1) Neck: The ideal is to fit a finger between the neck of the shirt and yours.

2) Shoulders: The vertical seam of the shirt has to be aligned with the end of your shoulder and the beginning of your arm. If it is not aligned, it will look like it is hanging you, limiting your movements or shrinking inside your shirt.

3) Waist: The buttons have to close quietly, without giving the impression that the shirt will explode. Take care not to put too much cloth on the sides.

4) Sleeve:  It should be slightly wider in the elbow than in the fist and there should be “a little” left over when you put the arm straight so that you can bend it comfortably. Just take care not to overdo, there are sleeves to dance mambo

5) Cuffs: No fists that cut the circulation, or fists loose. There should be enough space between the cuff of the shirt and the pulse of your hand so you can wear a watch comfortably.

6) Length: Make sure it has the same length on all sides and that it covers your belt, so you can fasten it without problem.